Zillertal, Austria, 2/2007

This year our ski posse headed for Austria's sunny valleys to start the skiing season. Although the initial snow situation was very bad, we were blessed with quite heavy snowfall about midtrip and had excellent powder skiing for 3 days. Add Jaegermeister -filled afterskis and evenings spent in the pub Scotland Yard to that and you get what one could call a perfect way to kickstart spring!

Also check out Toni's pictures here.

- Matti

Arrived to Munich
.. and headed to the first Bier Garten to celebrate the arrival. Prost!
In Hofbrauhaus.
Icecream and beer, yummy
Evening continues to Ostbahnhof and the famous Kultfabrik area
In a titty bar, briefly before Hannu gets lost into the night and ends up losing his wallet + phone
Enjoying the comfort of the Deutche Bahn's restaurant car
Austria, here we are
Checking out the sights -- in Scotland Yard.
First day of skiing is nothing special, some good runs from nearby areas on Hintertux glacier. The snow is really hardpacked and wind has taken its toll.
A few days later the fresh snow arrives and the real fun begins!
Heikki about to trigger a small avalanche (towards us ofc, who are standing stupidly below the skiers)
Here you can see the crest breaking from beneath him
Spaghetti day, its Wednesday after all
Pics from a short hike and the best run(s) of the trip. Very nice weather, and the snow was still amazing although it was 1.5days since the snowfall.
After making a pizza-barbeque
In Munich again, on the way back. We'd spend a last night here and head back home the next day. Cheers, and see you all next time!
Theresienwieze, where they hold the annual Oktoberfest events. Rather large, huh ;P