Turkey Expedition 2005: from North to South and Back Again

This year we did a reverse order route. Oh and stopped by in Budapest, where we left one tired traveller to rest up a bit.

- Matti

Budapest! 12h stopover, nice weather, great food, cold beer.
Here we go
Getting the last beers before getting escorted out of the plane
At Istanbul airport. By this time, Hannu was already left behind and enjoying his night in Budapest :)
Quick swimming/breakfast stop in Antalya
Finally in Olympos. Quite a trip here, took some 24hours when you factor in 3 flights, the Budapest stop, waiting for 3-4 hours at Istanbul airport, bus ride from Antalya for 2 hours.. sheesh! Resting ok
Lazing is the best stuff Olympos has to offer.
Dive joint. Nothing very sexy there, but a dive is a dive.
Riikka + Hannu visiting the eternal flame
Boat tripping
Eating intestine pies :)
Conquering the banks of the bosphorus.
Enjoying a "UG Black Metal" evening after getting an invite from some locals. Doesnt look very black metal, does it :)
Istanbul at night.