Turkey Expedition 2004: from South to North and Back Again

There were initial talks during Tuska-2004 with our friend Baris about us going to Turkey to visit him while he spent his vacation there in August. During the return trip from Wacken-2004, we refined the schedule and made the final decision to go, as soon as we got the time off from work. And, a couple of weeks later we went. The schedule during the week was tight as we wanted to see as much as possible in the very short amount of time. And we managed to do everything we had planned, thanks to plenty of good luck not missing any transportation, not getting lost and always finding the accommodation. The trip proved excellent in every sense. Also, it had been raining almost all the time back home :)

Our route/schedule of travel was:

  • day 1: arrived to Alanya with from Antalya, where our flight landed, at 0500 in the morning. Spent the day+night there.
  • day 2: took the morning bus from Alanya to Antalya. proceeded with 2 separate minibuses to Olympos. spent 2 nights in Olympos.
  • day 4: took the noon bus to Antalya. continued with the night bus to Istanbul. spent the night on the bus.
  • day 5: arrived to Istanbul at 0900. spent a night in Istanbul.
  • day 6: took the evening bus back south, to Antalya. spent the night on the bus,
  • day 7: arrived to Antalya at 1120. took the evening flight back home.
We spent approx. 35 hours sitting on a bus during the trip, with the total distance covered being around 2000 kilometres.

- Matti

Alanya + Antalya + Olympos