South America revisited

aka. journey of baby alpacas, misty mountain ranges and coral sand lagoons

This year it was turn to finish up what was left undone last year and so it was the year of the Inca Trail. What an experience, thats pretty much all I can say. Go, if you havent already. After the Peru excursion we headed north and traveled Venezuela+caribbeans for the rest of the month. Fine, relaxing journey once again, see the pictures. Cant wait till next year when its time for Uruguay, Argentina and Bolivia - or something in that fashion :)

- Matti & Riikka

Inca Trail
Isla Margarita
Morrocoy national park
Los Roques national park

The Flights (= route)

Helsinki - Frankfurt2.5h
Frankfurt - Caracas10.5h
Caracas - Lima4h
Lima - Arequipa1h 10min
Arequipa - Juliaca - Cuzco1h 55min
Cuzco - Lima1h 25min
Lima - Caracas3.5h
Caracas - Porlamar (Isla Margarita)45min
Porlamar - Caracas45min
Caracas - Las Piedras (Coro)1h
Las Piedras - Aruba20min
Aruba - Las Piedras20min
Las Piedras - Caracas1h
Caracas - Los Roques45min
Los Roques - Caracas45min
Caracas - Frankfut9h 30min
Frankfurt - Helsinki2.5h