South America Fastworwarded: a Most Excellent Adventure

aka. our excursion to the world of caipirinhas, cervezas and hammocks

Did some backpacking in Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador and Mexico for 5 weeks. The road took us from sunny Rio to the mighty waterfalls of Foz de Iguaco to moist jungles of Amazon, up river in a bananatown in Columbia, to beaches of crystalline white sand on the Galapagos island and finally to Mexico, where we took part in our friend Andreases wedding. All in all a great trip which I hope to resume next year by checking out Venezuela, Uruguay and Peru!

- Matti & Riikka

part I: Rio de Janeiro
part II: The Iguaco Falls
part IIII: The Amazon
part IV: Travel via Columbia to Ecuador
part V: Galapagos Islands
part VI: Ecuador west coast
part VII: Mexico + The Arjona Wedding

The Flights (= route)

Helsinki - Frankfurt2.5h
Frankfurt - Rio de Janeiro12h
Rio de Janeiro - Foz de Iguaco2h 10min
Foz de Iguaco - Sao Paolo3.5h
Sao Paolo - Manaus3h 15min
Manaus - Tabatinga2.5h
Leticia - Bogota2h
Bogota - Panama City2h
Panama City - Quito1h 45min
Quito - Galapagos3.5h
Galapagos - Guyaquil1.5h
Guyaquil - Panama City2.5h
Panama City - Mexico City3.5h
Mexico City - Frankfurt10.5h
Frankfurt - Helsinki2.5h