Sinaina, Romania, 2/2008

This time around it was time to finally visit Romania - Transylvania and the Carpathian Mountains to be exact. No fresh snow arrived during the trip, but it was sunny and clear skies almost all the trip, making it hard to feel about the missing powder. Thanks to the participants once again, 'twas one great trip! Since the place is quite underbuilt (basically only one lift operating at the top), the offpiste possibilities were endless. I would definitely recommed paying Sinaia a visit - just make sure you go early enough in the winter.

- Matti

Bucharest airport. Its nice and warm, time to pop open the booze and enjoy the views as the driver takes us some 2hours into the mountain range.
Having arrived to Vila Tui, our friendly residence.
On top of the Bucegi range, also serving as a natural park.
Preparing for the first ascent of the week!
"chicken" soup
Leisure day at the Predeal center, some 20km with a train from Sinaia. There were only 2 slopes and absolutely no free skiing, AND the weather was at grilling +19C - so it was time to give the skis a rest and enjoy the sun for the better part of the day.
Kirsi attacking a batch of the local dessert delicacy, Papanas.
Second ascent of the week - the peak on the right is our target.
The steeper north face offered probably the best descent of the week
Riikka & something that looks like a century old ski lift remains
After-ski cuisine at "Restaurant Snow"
Visiting the Peles castle, that had served as the summer home for Romanian kings in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Tourist market nearby the castle area
Last hike of the week, this time accompanied by our new friends from the hostel.
View down to the Sinaia village.
Leprosy. We deliver.
River view from Bucharest, where we'd spend the last night of the trip.
Palace of the former communist tyrant Nicolae Ceausescu, the 3rd (depending on how you measure it) largest building in the world in the beginning of this year. In a nutshell, it is REALLY big.
Bucharest street life. While not the most attractive city for a tourist, Google helps you find decent cafes and pubs for all your time-killing needs!
The "good side" of the city map
At "Club A", a metal bar during Wednesdays. On a Friday, it was something totally different :P
At the somewhat camouflaged "The Jack", a very nice small metal pub.