Oktoberfest 2003

Went to Oktoberfest. Definitely worth it.


Arrived to Munich.
We stayed in Hallbergmoos, some 20min out of the city center.
Limppu resting before leaving for dinner.
Our host Tuukka.
Theresienwiese at night. This is where it all goes down - 14 huge tents size of football fields and just impossible number of people.
First ones at the Wies'n.
Klaus wasn't that hungry the next morning.
Traditional Bayernish clothing.
Seeing the local sights on the way to the Lowenbrau tent.
Mood building up for the evening. The ongoing party was just unbelievable.
After the tents started to close, we headed out to Kultfabrik, a serious after hours party area outside the city center. It was sort of hard to find at first (after those 5l of beer) so we had to regroup on the way there in a local pub.
We were a bit early.
Cool street names.
Tiredness on saturday morning.
I actually went to this one! phew, what a ride. Gave a cool view of the area.
new friend straight from Switzerland.
Weather was 4 days of straight sunshine.
More italians. Very fun people.
On sunday, the others stayed home to watch car racing. I headed out to Wies'n alone. What a blast! Had almost the best night of them all.
An italian dude coming on to a german girl.
Wemen's parking :-)
Drunken table dancing.