Brussels, Belgium @ September 2006

Another go at the Brussels tourism. This time around kebabs were bigger, beers smaller and hangover half of what it was a year ago.

- Matti

Killing time at Arlanda airport.
Kebab consultant Osku
A few cds
Delirium Cafe, featuring 2004 beers (and then some?). Klaus holding the "menu".
Our choice, whiskey-malt-beer, in front, Riikka's Kriek (cherry) beer in back.
Back at Sultan's after a year. Woot, still excellent, yet a bit dry.
Looted 2 portions at once
This year we actually made it over to Cantillon brewery for a quick tour.
Cheap barrels, yes?
Reached the Bruxellensis festival of "characterful" beers (read: most was 7% alc.vol. or stronger)
The drinks and the currency used
Killing time while waiting for our host couple to return from a housewarming party. Spent some 5-6 hours on the festival.
Time for Osku to head home
.. yet hes not that happy about it :P
Nightsnacks I have no recollection eating
Hours later we arrive at the house and find our host resting just inside the front door.
Following "morning" we decided to do some more traditional tourism and headed out to see the Atomium.
Pretty weird construction eh
Having clams in Chez Leon
Back at the Delirium Cafe, enjoying a coconut beer. The serving was the best part, tho the taste was great also.
Back at the festival for a few hours. Powerdrank 8 cups in some 2 hours.
Klaus grabbing the local good luck charm.
Grand Place at night
In Le'Roy, enjoying a meter of lager
The Austrians one table over topped us by one meter
Next up: water pipe
Getting raped in table fussball at Rock Classic Bar, the local metal joint.
Yamm, kebab
Osku going Neanderthal again
Waiting for the airport bus the next morning
Hangover was decent, but nothing a good Hoegaarden cant kill :)
Lady with the icecream says thanks, see you next time, Brussels