Brussels, Belgium @ May 2005

Paid a visit to Osku & Taina for Brussels sightseeing trip.

- Matti

Blazing math skills in EU parliament
King Timo overseeing the bad decision making room.
The parliament building
Notice the name of the bar in the plaque on background.
Friday in Brussels was a walk in the park!
Eye candy #1
Jazz marathon was in town
Quick refill stop on a terrace..
..turns into a 2-meters-of-beer frenzy! By 1.5m the recollections start to fade.
Osku drank too fast and swallowed a glass whole
"volleyball injuries"
We're getting a KEBAB this long! And a 10% alc.vol. beer this long to go with it! Die!
Is THAT it??
Uh? ok..
Timo, Osku and my memory, fading into the blackness.
On Saturday morning Taina cooked us a delicious breakfast. Yey!
Osku starts the day by pouring himself a beer. Served icecold, from the tablecloth.
There's a funny story behind this, but in a nutshell, Timo eventually decided in the favor of the bed, over a construction yard.
The beautiful garden of our hosts'.
Bowling 130.. given you sum the scores of 2 people together.
Aww, the sight I was mostly looking forward to (a very old brewery) was closed when we got there.
Vera rejoins the jolly party in The Hairy Canary.
The night leads to many sleepy people.
Wappu! ..
Timo in the shower room.

Photo: Taina

Holy crap, its Sunday already! what's the score here? what's next?
Headed to a park to see some festival. And yoga.
Taina's friends joined us for some Sangria.
What an end to the great trip! Went swimming at a lush pool of some Finnish friends of our hosts'. Thanks! Also got a nice fever for it.
Merci, Brussels! See you later.