Expedition to Barbados, Caribbean (February 2004)

"On Barbados, a beach is always near by." - A very pleasant fact about the Island (from a guidebook)

"Yee, 'mon." - Barbadians' answer to life, universe and.. everything.

We left for Barbados at some 2 weeks notice after my graduation had become a reality. The island was very pleasant with its constant 28C air/sea temperature and blue skies, and the inhabitants must have been the friendliest folk I have ever encountered.

The best event of the trip was by far our scuba diving expedition that took us to a amazing coral reef and 4-5 (very) old ship wrecks. We got to dive in 2 of the wrecks, even, and saw sealife from sea horses to small turtles to a 1m long lobster to a bunch of barracudas, and an endless range of underwater plantation. Bad news is, there are no pictures from the trip, since the diving company did not offer underwater camera rentals, and the one I hastily bought, didn't take the pressure and broke down :/

Enjoy the other pictures, though.

- Matti

part I: Bridgetown, Mullins Bay, Speightstown, North Point
part II: Silver Rock, Long Beach, Worthing & South Beach
part III: Bathsheba, Bridgetown
part IV: Crane Beach, inlands + Flower Forest