Latvia+Lithuania @ July 2005

This years annual Baltian excursion was mostly about Sun + Sea + Velvet Club in Palanga, Lithuania. Took a flight+bus there via Riga for a change.

- Matti

Spending the day in sunny Riga
Purchasing snacks + refreshments for the 5hour bus trip to Palanga. Russian style!
"suitcase" of delicious local treat, Svyturys aka. Svyde!
Huge fan of the local karaoke maestro
Baras Safari was fucked up bad this year :/ the fancy dancing girls were gone and not coming back :(

Baras Safari in 2004

Strip of Palanga beach
Street performance by friggin' indians! Was pretty awesome too
Drinks at close to sunset by the promenade. Sex On The Beach for the win!
Next day in Nida, a small town near the Kaliningrad border. The bus there took over an hour.
This drunken guy was swimming in a condition where he wasnt almost able to walk on his own. Luckily for him he had brought a lifejacket.
Entering the national park routes
View from the top of an immense dune. Russia/Kaliningrad shows in the distance.
View towards Nida
Not exactly the same as the strippers we saw 3 nights out of 4..