Estonia+Latvia+Lithuania @ July 2004

Our annual Baltian excursion reached also Lithuania this year.

- Matti

On the ferry to Tallinn
OHEJTA klausille
Fueling up in Tallinn
Reached Parnu, where we had some beers in the morning sun
Somewhere on the Latvian coast, stopped for a while to take a piss and a refreshing walk in the sea.
In Jurmala, where we met the rest our pack traveling with bus. Spent first night there.
Some people rented their entire house to us. They just cleant it and left, leaving us to roam around by ourselves.
Mr Kokkola's morning position
Went bowling in Riga
On the road to Lithuania we stopped at this quite lovely gas station. I wonder whether they served any food..
Neighborhood of our lodging, having arrived to our destination in Palanga, Lithuania.
We stayed in the attic, in the cheapest rooms possible.
Funny restaurant by the beach with people eating in these cages
Starting the first evening in a very German-like Bierstube
Night shot of the Palanga promenade.
The next day was nice and sunny
Our residence
These guys served Kebab portions for less than an euro
Started the second night in Baras (= Bar) Safari -- the bar imaginable. The waitresses were dressed in Zebra "bikinis" and there were girls dancing in even less clothes all around the bar, and they had just killer looks, every single one of them.
Sharing an intimate moment over girlish drinks
A quick pit stop at the next bar..
..and back in Baras Safari..
..just in time for the flames show.
2 of the babes doing a slow dance.. with the others hand in the other's pants? ;)
Continued the evening (and later did so all the following nights also) to a night club with strip shows, again with killer looking girls. I was pretty wasted and even took some pictures in there, being the drunk bastard with no shame.. no one seemed to mind, though (remember kids: dont try this in Finland/Germany/any other normal place).
lap dance eta 2 seconds
Visited the Palanga church briefly before getting on the bus to Klaipeda.
Fishermen. They get up in the morning, they fish, they sell fish, they smell fish..
this guy was one loudass duck
Lunch before hitting the ferry docks
Milda, our waitress. Bad photo considering her looks.
The ferry to a strange piece of land (a VERY long peninsula), extending all the way to Kaliningrad, Russia.
Kleipeda train station or something
The evening started from - you knew it, Baras Safari!
Mr Kokkola with another feminine refreshment
A drunken guy we named Stanislaw. He was "dancing" and bugging every female on the dance floor. All the other people in the bar were having a blast just watching him. Here's a video of Stanislav with a girl in his lap (he later accidentally threw that girl into one of many fake palm trees that inhabit Baras Safari) and partly the Coyote girls dancing on the bar,
Visited the Palanga Botanical Gardens. Not much to see, really.
Nice little walk back along the beach. The pier that shows in the distance was what we were supposed to reach.
Usual refreshments after the walk..
A Man showing off his Monkey. Luckily no spanking took place.
Exterior shot of the Palanga church
..and back in Baras Safari.
Here's a gay toy rabbit molesting my beer (Svyturys, the local beer, that served as a very good catalyst for intestinal gases)
'twas Friday night, so the dancing-girl-show was even better than before. Gotta love this place..
Last breakfast in Palanga, before leaving for Riga.
Stopped in some Soviet-like small town on the way
Mr Kokkola hyperventilating after I took my shoes off in the car.
Riga at night.
Reached Parnu on our way back home via Tallinn, and went bowling on an impulse. That totaled 4 times of bowling, in all the 3 countries.
Kokkola eating an awful looking schnitzel