Enjoy Pixelfest With Us - Check Out the Schedule.

tVS is one year old now. Nowadays, that's a great achievement for a quake clan. So,celebrate with us! We're going to hold a lan-party with tVS's members in Helsinki,and we want U to challenge us @ that very weekend! Party is going to be held from friday 22.5. 'till sunday 24.5.!

-Cancer of the Viper Squad

We will play 5-6 matches a day, so be wary of a squadful of hungry LAN-powered Vipers!

-Dream of the Viper Squad

Fest Schedule available here .

The FEST has begun! Check this shit out:

Pictures from FRIDAY
Pictures from SATURDAY
Pictures from SUNDAY
Stuff we have done , wordly report=)
the Viper Squad - Loud and Proud.
pixelFest'98 Pics REAL TIME from scene!!