Spinefeast 2003, Friday

This year's Spinefeast was only a 1-day event for me, since I couldn't make it on Saturday. Damn shame since there woulda been cool people from the northern Finland I haven't met since the summer. Well, can't win everytime.

- Matti

Having Metal Club Mökä's meeting in Corner Bar before the Feast. Had one, two.. many! And managed to actually decide on some issues. Well nicely spent 2 hours and 6 pints as the starter for the weekend. After a hectic week of intense working and no evenings off, I picked up somewhat too hasty a pace with the refreshments.
The Wake starting their set. Oh man did I wait for their gig! I consider their album the best newcomer album I have heard the whole year. Earlier I had bought an Ensiferum shirt down in the lobby and my spirits were high (I had been trying to acquire the shirt for some time now). Thanks to Mahi for serving even the intoxicated customers.
At times they sounded all too much like Norther, luckily they succeed very well in having their own specific sound to it. Not that there's anything wrong with Norther -- on the contrary.
I was surprised to hear how much The Wake's live sound differed from the album sound. Anyway, this was the band I came to see tonight and it was worthwhile.
Music played by big hairy men.. to big hairy men ;)
Heaven and Hell played Whiplash (?) and people in the rear bar (= mökä) went crazy.
Veera behaving herself for once.
Mosh mosh
Arise from Sweden (?) - not sure
I lost track completely.. my best bet is that these guys are Arise ;) I really paid no attention. I climbed to small ledge to take the shots and found cool company to exchange thoughts with and completely missed the band's performance. Next time, then..
Tired folks
Jensku and.. someone else
People shot
Moonsorrow! I was starting to be pretty blasted so not many recollections about the gig except that it ruled ;)
Moonsorrow is definitely one of my favourite bands currently (ever since I heard the Suden Uni album some years back). Would be cool to see these guys playing in Wacken 2004! There is NO other band with such incredible combination of catchy epic melodies and thundering riffing.
The camera seemed to like Jensku.
What the..? hehe
I don't know who these people are but I'm glad I brought the camera.
Baris and Riikka watching the end of the show.
People obviously started to get bored with me taking pictures.. can't blame them ;) Good night, had fun. Lights out for myself..