Club Rock Hell 28.11.2003 @ Stella Star Club

Mr. Österman's great club was back at Stella Star -- bottoms up!


Starting out at Metal Club Mökä's Board election sauna.
Bwahaha :) Andreas being in the mood for beer.
Sussu && Johanna
The funny black christmas hats (by Veera) were larger for some than for others.
Another on of the girls while waiting for Cryhavoc to start.
Off they go! Pretty shitty pictures, but I missed the first song and didn't feel like rushing through people.
Barathrum threw a very entertaining show ;)
Time for Korpiklaani -show. I like their album immensely, so I was really waiting for this gig. The wait paid off, and I had the best time. Thanks guys! I won't miss your gigs in the future either.
Our mexican enforcement Andreas seemed to like them too ;)
So did mr. Sova who couldn't resist getting on stage again..
..but was a bit too exhausted. When I picked him up, I almost got my ass kicked. You're welcome, dude.
By the end of the gig, people were really starting to get into the folkish mood. At least I was.
As people started passing out it was time to go home. Except for 4 of us, who has the best celebration until the morning. Amazing. Thanks, Nalle.. waiting for next CRH already!