Mokoma & Anthrax in Nosturi 11.6.2003

So here was something from way back - Anthrax! I haven't really listened to them for like 10 years, and sincerely didn't even think there would be an Anthrax nowadays. But hell, how wrong was I - they definitely existed, and despite looking all too much like jumpy nu-metalists, they kicked ass.

To our amazement the gig wasn't sold out when we arrived, so lemon got a ticket. Mokoma started playing at 2000 sharp, and we missed the first song. After acquiring beers and some mingling we settled at the back of the lower-story bar and watched the Mokoma gig. God damned, how come have I missed this band's live performances before? They played with very intense and hard sound with varying growl lyrics. Hell yeah! TakatakatakatakaTAAAALVI! Definitely never again gonna miss their gig, see you guys at Nummijarvi on Saturday!

So, about the general feeling. We were horrified to see such a vast number of these bald, bearded dudes in Slipknot sweatshirts in addition to the standard bunch of metalheads usually occupying these gigs. The first thing that came to our minds that Anthrax had completely changed their musical direction and would play nothing but nu-metal crap all evening. *Very* luckily we were wrong. Otherwise the atmosphere was cool, everyone was so excited to see the band they'd listened to in ground/high school. Naturally the band drew an older crowd too, I think I even saw one old geezer with a walking aid :)

And then Anthrax performed. Thundering double base, fast guitaring and _very_ different stuff from what I'd come to know Anthrax's music as. In the middle of the second song Lemon decided he'd "heard enough of this crap" and left (he actually came to see Mokoma anyway :)). Bad move I'd say, as Anthrax played Got the Time as their third song. And the passive crowd went wild. Their set included at least such golden hits as Got the Time, I'm the Man, Madhouse, Caught in the Mosh, NFL (efilnikufesin), Antisocial, Bring the Noise and others I can't recollect. What a set! Especially I'm the Man threw so off guard I almost choked on my beer. Their newer material is much faster and aggressive than the oldies. Hate to say it, but it seems that there is a certain convergence in the musical direction of most bands in Northern America. And the direction is all wrong (Metallica touring with Limp Bizkit, what the FUCK??). All in all, very good gig from both bands. Sorry for the terribly pics, the camera was shitty.

Having a few in Kantis before the set.
Kossu and his warface, getting all psyched up for the gig.
Start of Mokoma's set.
Waiting for Anthrax.
Anthrax playing Got the Time.
Started to lose count..
People upstairs watching the show. I wandered around during the new songs since I didn't find most of them very special. A few killer ones, though.
Some crowd shots with terrible lighting. Shooting them was hard because the upper floor fence was so crowded.