tVS's Camped the Loveboat

Longing for a good time, we decided to go with JWX's suggestion on taking a 20h cruise on the Baltic with Viking Line. Took us 2 weeks to organize everything, and finally, we managed to spawn near the entrance of the magnificent party center Cinderella. Excitement of the departure never did disturb our determination on what we held as our Mission on this trip. And onboard we went...

The Uprising

At the very Start of the Cinderella.bsp we halted for a while to regroup. Some of us were not acquinted with the level, so the thing was to do small assaults around different locations (and mark them, of course - w/ empty beer cans and such) first off. As soon as every single one knew their positions to be, we headed back to cabins area. Enemy activity there was low, se we had time to rethink and finetune our strategies for the night.

Lock and Load!

When we felt selfconfident anough after assuring teamwork with multiple training rounds (of Mint-, Tar- and many other types of liquor along with the inevitable heap of beer consumed) we cautiously rose above the cabin deck, securing all hallways and shadowy corners. Due to our pure white base.pcx's, none onboard would remain unseen and uncounted for. Things started to look good, and we were able to pay a visit to multiple refuelling facilities nearby our route of travel. Either like the whole .bsp was marked as underwater or it was just us; anyways our vision became r_waterwarp'ed and opponents would appear blurrier. We all knew this one was not going to be easy....


Like a groaning thunder, we struck upon the map. Messages read "outerior secured", "disco secured, no ammo left", "need help at cabin #2249!" et cetera. Things were running wild and there was no place nor time to rest. We used the tactics developed by the US Marines during the World War II: as locusts, we jumped from cabin to cabin, from discotheque to nightclub, from flower to flower (if you know what I mean)...along the line (of fire) nothing (or no one) was spared. Exhausted, Orca was the first to disengage. Bruised, battered and scarred - yet happy after giving everything - Cancer followed him after an hour or two. Meanwhile, me and JWX blended in the crowd and met some serious people, exchanging blasphemous stories of grievieous battles fought throughout the year(s). Did make some interesting things, none of which I would allow myself to reveal in this context - rather than appeal to my motto of "extreme conditions demand extreme responses".

The Retreat

All good things must come to an end; the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. What was, what is, and what will be may yet fall under the Shadow. Brave we fought, till the Last Man Standing. No fear, no tears, no pity, no mercy. And still the time to leave the battle field and head home came. With our heads high, we retreated leaving cinderella.bsp conquered like it has never been before. Soon the time will come for Vipers to return, and then will the Rematch be taken. And, with a full force this time....till next time!!!

Here's a small photo of the squad before we took off.

Start secured - h:100 ra:200 rl:99

And here's what LouhiZ could make out of it:

...As $een by LouhiZ

From left (in reverse order of appearance) are 777-JWX (the guy with the expensive looking outfit), Orca (the tall guy in the back messaging "we are going to enjoy serious loads of Two Fingers'"), Dream (the guy in the less expensive looking outfit, yet stealing all attention of the female photographer), Cancer (uhh, ohh...the one in Black in the Back).

No animals or swedish were actually harmed or sexually abused in the making of this picture, nor whilst our stay onboard. except at 5 AM when we realized generally all human females disliked us big time

Any resemblance to actual real life persons outside QuakeWorld, living or dead, is fully coincidental. If you are using MS Internet Exterminator, tVS suggests as your next entry in the url history. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance, reproducing, altering and tampering with is strictly allowed. This does not apply to personnel emplyed by Microsoft, Saddam Hussein or the Russian Mafia.

parental advisory:
the material on these pages contains implicit language, pornographic appearances of females, swedes and donkeys and all too much talk about Quake the ultimate Game of Camping.

Note from the author: Cancer did NOT really get bruised, battered and scarred.

To set something straight, loyal as we were to our homefolks, none us got any frags (if you know what I mean)