Wacken Open Air Metal Festival 1.-3.8 2002

The biggest open-air metal festival, 82 bands in 3 days, need to say more?

Our party consisted of both MC Mökä as well as 777-Team members travelling both by boat, car, bike and aeroplane.


Four of us drove through the northern Germany visiting many intresting places including Hansastadt Wismar, shores of Elbe and a nice town called Schwerin by a little lake. And after 3 or so days of travel, we arrived in Wacken..

As always, we built a cozy camp around a pavillion tent with 6-7 tents of various sizes. This year Lemon also brought along quite an impressive audio system, of which the MC Mökä guys thanked him with a bottle of vodka :)


Before the festival.
Tuesday, in Hamburg.
Wednesday, karaoke day.
Thursday., warming up.
Friday., first day.
Saturday., second day.
Sunday., going home.