Wacken Open Air 8/2005

Our 5th Wacken trip was rainy, cold, the camp was crowded with all too many people -- yet the festival was as awesome as ever! Endless band pictures are boring, so didn't take many -- for those see Poltsi's pictures ( a link will be here ).

- Matti

Arrived in Hamburg after our morning flight. Searching for breakfast on Reeperbahn, we noticed Schweinske had closed its terrace, blaah!
So Durum Pita it was
Later on having dinner before going to the W:O:A preparty in Headbangers Ballroom.
Bunch of Irish fellow metalheads
In Itzehoe..
..where we hitched a ride to Wacken in the Mökä bus.
Enjoying the last of the good weather upon arrival.. it would soon rain for straight 3 days from here on.
karsina :)
Burse kaivaa nenaa, Ville tankkaa punkkua, muuta uutta auringon alla? jaajoo, Poltsi vilauttaa lintua.
Esko's happy -- 8 bottles of booze to go
Poltsi & the usual
The Mökä's bus driver Scooter and rock hard angry dragon Baris
Definitely a good way to transport beverages
W:O:A firefighters once again.
And off to the Headbangers Ballroom tent to drink ourselves stupid and band heads to playback music.. had a blast.
naantalin aurinko x 2
Thomas decided not to wear pants the whole day. And he didn't. Also almost the only time I saw the crazy bastard on the festival.
good luck
"special" people attended the Bier Garten
"forum band" playing
Timo cared to join us after a cozy nights sleep on a motel's toilet's floor
Ok some crappy band pics coming up -- first up: Morgana Lefay
These guys are none other than BLOODBATH, one the most awaited bands on the festival
.. sigh ;) our guys on Teräsbetoni gig
Turisas played a decent show as the last band of Friday
Sleeping b^Hhenkka
Agonizer, the Finnish metal battle contestant
Ingenious hotfix for the endless showers on Bier Garten. One of these collapsed on top the cunning architects though. Didn't remain to observe damages.
PH34R the mud! I did.
Chainsaw artist planning away
"Cocksucking fagdildoes" (or something similar) performing on Karaoke stage.

OK this it again. See you next year, HELL YEAAAAAHHHHH! /me out